How to Identify and Repair Water Damaged Dry Wall

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April 4, 2017
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April 6, 2017

How to Identify and Repair Water Damaged Dry Wall


water-damaged-dry-wallThere are an abundance of ways water damage can affect your dry wall. Perhaps water is leaking in a faulty roof or simply your pipes burst. You can even have a sprinkler in the backyard which is facing the wrong way. An easy way to see if your dry wall is damaged is if it has blisters. Read on to figure out how to identify and repair water damaged dry wall.

Identify Water Damaged Dry Wall

To easily understand dry wall water damage spill water on a piece of paper. Notice how it dry’s it crinkles and cracks. The exact same thing happens to dry wall when it gets wet. If the damage is to mad you cannot repair water damaged dry wall, you will need to replace it!

Steps to Repair Water Damaged Dry Wall

If the wall is sagging you will definitely need to cut it out, but if the drywall isn’t sagging to much, you can try pushing an awl though it. If you can’t punch through, then your drywall doesn’t need to be replaced, but if the drywall is soft and you can get the awl through 1/5 of an inch you’ll need to follow these instructions on how to repair water damaged wall:
1. Cut out the damaged area into a square shape
2. Look for the water leak
3. Stop the water leak, by repair or other remedial means; though we recommend seeking out a qualified water damage repair company
4. Dry the area well with fans.
5. Cut a new piece of drywall to fit tightly into the hole you have made
6. Attach the drywall using tape
7. Prime and paint the new drywall

San Diego’s Best Water Damage Company

Even though it is possible to replace and repair water damaged dry wall we always recommend using a professional, to potentially save time and money. Furthermore depending on the extent of the damage you will definitely want to use a water damage repair company because they have the proper equipment and training. If you are looking for San Diego’s best company to repair water damaged dry wall contact us at San Diego Water Damage Repair Experts for the best water damage repair service!

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