How To Dry Out Hidden Water Damage

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August 17, 2016
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September 26, 2016

How To Dry Out Hidden Water Damage


Often times homeowners are ignorant to water damage in their homes, which can interfere with the sale of a home, lower the home’s value, or be a concern for a new home buyer. Whether it is a cracked pipe leaking spigot, there are a number of ways that water can creep into unwanted places.  The resulted of this is mold, rotting paint, blistering in the floor, and a bunch of unpleasantness.

Even a tiny water leak can have a costlv repair bill. If you want to avoid damage it is important to catch the situation earlier rather than later. Some things are noticeable, like when your ceiling looks like it will break out from the house, but there are also more subtle signs? Sometimes water damage cannot be found at the source, because it follows the path of least resistance, and then makes an appearance in new places. Imagine you are Batman, the world’s greatest detective, get your handy dandy nose and go on the case.

Clue 1…was the water damage. Way too often the superficial signs of a leak are eliminated but dampness within the walls or the floors is not. If the floor is drier than it should be, chances are there is water underneath. Mildew on an inside wall definitely warrants further investigative techniques.

Modern homes pride themselves on energy efficiency, and as a result we have bulked up on the insulation, sealed leaks and gaps, and worked to keep as much conditioned air as possible inside the building. Although this added efficiency is very good, often times it overlooks the fact that buildings need air circulation. Poor air flow becomes a real problem when there is water trapped somewhere.

Even if there is no visible damage, you are not in the clear yet. Crawl spaces, basements, attics, windows all are susceptible if the situation isn’t professionally taken care of. The longer one waits, as always, the worse the damage risks becoming.

Outside water damage is not always the only source of issue. The occasional issue has become over publicized into something much more detrimental when it reality, the leaking pipe behind the washing machine can be equally devastating, especially if it’s not noticed for weeks or months.

If you ever have an issue, be sure to always contact your local professional.

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