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When Water Smells

Cold water being poured into a glass.

When Water Smells

When your water smells it can be irritating for a variety of reasons, but depending on the specific smell, it could be very dangerous. Use the following guide to detect the cause:

Sulfur Smell

Water coming from wells often times has a nasty smell, many times it is sulfur bacteria which produce hydrogen sulfide by breaking down organic material effusing the smell. Like the egg smell, if it is only hot water, the heat is be blamed, because the heater has an internal magnesium rod that reacts with the aluminum in the water heater.The combination creates a strong smelling sulfur gas. The easiest correction is proper ventilation.

The Egg Smell

When hot water smells like rotten eggs, chances are it is the water heater, if cold water smells like rotten eggs, then there is a possibility of water contamination with hydrogen sulfide. In this scenario it is likely that this is a well based issue as well. Step one locate the source of the issue, and the once found, change carbon filters, as sulfur may have contaminated them.


Oil/Gas Smell

Oily smells typically happen from a gas leak, which can happen from a variety of factors. Although rare the problem is very serious It is important to stop drinking such water immediately since it could cause health concerns. If your water smells like gas or oily, DON’T USE THE WATER. Contact a professional immediately, and by some bottled water.

The moral of the story is that whenever the water smells weird, it is essential for your own well being to contact a professional  ASAP.  San Diego Water Damage Repairs is  San Diego’s premier expert in assessing, repairing, and mitigating water damage.

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