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August 11, 2016
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August 17, 2016

Frozen Pipes

Come winter, a mixed bag of issues can arrive all across the US. Temperatures in some areas were recorded even colder than Anchorage, Alaska!  The wind chill in some cities goes below freezing 40 degrees. With this drop in temperature, you may experience the water pipes bursting, if you happen to live in an area not blessed with SoCal weather. Imagine you leave a beer in your freezer, overtime the can will expand and unfortunately it may explode. The pressure will put stress on whatever is containing the pipes,, including metal or plastic pipes. If you live in a place with cold whether, your pipes WILL freeze. This can be very problematic if you have a basement, because most basements are neither insulated or heated.There are many steps you can take, in order to make your pipes don’t freeze in the winter.

Some steps you can take, in order to prevent your pipes from freezing

  • Leave kitchen and bathroom cabinets, in order to allow your homes warm air to circulate, thus warming it up.
  • Make sure that all faucets are off, and are not dripping. This can be the tipping point of frozen or. non frozen pipes.
  • Rather than leave drain houses outside, store them indoors instead.
  • Look around your home and find where water supply is in untreated areas.  Check all over the basement, attic, garage, under the sink, in the ceiling, anywhere it may be.  Hot and cold water pipes in these areas NEED to be properly insulated.
  • Keep these doors closed, in the garage, if there is water supply line.
  • If you are traveling during cold weather, you need to leave your thermostat on, no cooler than 60 degrees.

If your water pipe burst or freezes, turn off the main water valve immediately, and then call San Diego Water Damage Repairs immediately so that we may check out that damage and mitigate the disaster.  The main consequence of a burst pipe in your home is water damage and thus costly repairs.  This is even more true  if you are not aware of a broken pipe.  Water damage can cause mold and mildew to form very quickly; with preventative measures, you can save yourself a huge problem and expense!  Call us and we can help with any problem that may arise.

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