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Apparently a frat part occurred in my rental property and there is no way I was doing this restoration on my own. The Damage restoration company I use, documented all the holes, and burns and stains as they had a complete record of the space prior to this event.  I CCed each parent a copy of the photos and the bill.  This company worked so quickly I only lost one week of rental opportunity and the parents (or someone) shamefaced, paid the total without question.

Judy M.

San Diego, CA


I never expected to experience a flood in the middle of the night, but when I did, I called SD Water Damage who responded immediately, even at 4:30 in the morning. They sent a team out who was able to shut off my water so the flooding subsided. They began the water extraction and within about two weeks I had my bathroom back in working order. I couldn’t be more grateful!

Sam J.

Chula Vista, CA


I bought a new home and wouldn’t you know it I find mold in the walls when I started the remodel of my bedroom. This company was able to come in, wipe down the walls and sanitize the area so I didn’t have to tear down all the building materials. Saved me a lot of time and money

Grant D.

San Diego, CA


My water heater sprung a leak when I was out of town and flooded my entire garage. My plumber recommended contacting SD Water Damage Repair to handle all of the water damage restoration. They were able to extract all the water and their construction team got all the repairs completed faster than I had initially expected. I was very impressed overall.

Susan S.

La Jolla, CA