6 Ways To Prevent Floods

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July 11, 2016
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July 25, 2016

6 Ways To Prevent Floods

We often hear about floods due to natural disaster in the winter months  in parts of the country not blessed with Cali whether, however you can prevent floods throughout the year in any part of the country by following these 6 easy pieces of advice.

The top causes of water damage are:

Toilet Failure: If it looks like the toilet overflows turn of the main water valve immediately. If this turns into being a repeated problem contact your local plumber immediately, it may end up costing you more money if you do chose to wait and fix it.

Water Heater Failure: Check the warranty ,because it is usually toward the end of the warranty that the water pipes burst and the heater fails. Have your plumber expect your pipes every few years, so then each year after the warranty expires  you could be sure to avoid any potential problems.

Flash flooding – While uncommon in many areas of Socal, in the desert and Palm Springs, this a much more prevalent issue. It isn’t always easy to be prepared for this or any type of natural disaster, so it’s important to review your homeowners insurance policy to make sure you are covered for these types of situations.

Sewer back up  – This sucks. The root is most likely fallen tree roots backing up pipes. Many stores however sell “enzyme” drain treatments that can be flushed during the months when trees tend to grow much higher and faster, leaving you more susceptible.

Washing Machine Failure: Often times washing machine failure is linked to pipe failure. Make sure to buy the metal braided washing machine. Inspect the supply house at least once a year to make sure everything is up to speed.

Broken pipes & hoses –Have your plumber check the pipes to determine the age, and how good the pipes are. Keep up to date in order to avoid bursting a water main.

If you follow these six simple pieces of advice you will definitely raise your chances against water damage. Avoiding failure will keep your home’s value up, and help protect against costly damage. Contact us today!

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